Monday 🎶

Our children’s motor skills are our main focus on Monday. Using music during our group time to dance, connect, and create. We will be doing activities such as making our own songs, making our own dance moves, learning rhythm, etc.

Tuesday 🗣


On Tuesday’s our main focus is filled with verbal activities. Our goal is to be able to encourage them to develop speech and to articulate better.

Wednesday 🌱 

Water it up

On Wednesday’s we water, we garden, we learn! During our group times, our children will be doing garden like activities. Planting, encouraging healthy eating with fruits and veggies planted by us, awakening and strengthening our 5 senses

Thursday  🎭


On Thursdays, we activate our imagination and use our mind to create. We learn to differentiate facial expressions to develop impressions. We will be doing activities such as acting and dress up to foster fun, communication, and creativity!

Friday 🥨

Foodie Friday

On Fridays, we will learn all about food and nutrition! We will be doing so many activities from cooking, helping set the table, nutrition, and balance. Kids will be helping set up snacks and lunch on Fridays as a group.

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